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Travel can be challenging - especially with kids. From trip planning and booking, to luggage and packing, these are travel resources that help us travel better. If it doesn't provide value, we don't put it on the list. Be sure to check back often for updates before you plan your next trip.

Travel Gear and Guides

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eBags TLS Mother Lode Mini 21" Wheeled Carry-On Duffel

This suitcase is the perfect carry-on size for our kids. It is lightweight, durable, and soft-sided with a frame to give it added stability. It doesn't topple over when standing upright (even with a backpack attached), and has a ton of well thought out design features, like a bright orange interior that makes finding your items easier. It rolls easily, fits in all the overhead bins, and works great with the medium packing cubes.

elago Tripshell Travel Adapter

This handy adapter will plug into just about any outlet around the world and give you  US/110v power on the other end. It also has built in USB ports if you just need to charge your phones and devices without the full wall plug. Very practical and we take it everywhere.


Red Oxx Air Boss Carry-On Bag

If rollaboards aren't your thing, and you'd give up wheels and a frame for extra space, the Air Boss might be for you. I can pack 5-6 days' worth of clothes in this bag, and it fits in the overhead bins every time. Because there is no frame, it naturally expands and flexes. It's durable, the zippers are awesome with monkey fist pulls, and it has been with me everywhere. Red Oxx is made in the USA, and they have lots of other smart luggage and travel gear. Love this bag. Highly recommended.


Fire 7 Tablet 7" - 8GB

We bought these for the kids for Christmas, and they've been great. They work well, have good parental controls, and you can download purchased movies via Amazon Prime locally to the devices before you leave on your trip. They're also relatively cheap and the kids love them. Perfect.

eBags Packing Cubes

These are great! They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so each family member can keep track of things. They really help us stay organized, and are a good way to keep clean and dirty clothes separate towards the end of your trip. They work especially well with the eBags carry-on luggage, and allow you to make more clothing fit into all carry-on luggage due to the way they keep everything compact and neat. We primarily use the medium size for our clothing in the carry-on luggage, but the small size is great for socks and underwear, hair bows, or toiletry items.

Discover London 2018

These are the guide books that we started with, and we love them. Every time I look at something else, I always go back to the LP guides for one reason or another. I think they're easy to read, the transit maps are handy, and they are well written. I especially like the 'Discover ...' series. All the info you need that's easily accessible.

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