The best London day trips for families
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There are so many things to do in London, but if you have the time, getting out of the city will allow you to experience the true beauty of England. With a fantastic rail system, London day trips with kids are easy and fun. Here are some great options for you to explore and kick of your UK adventure.

How to pick a Great day trip from London with kids

London day toursWhen we were planning our six days in London last year, we had an incredibly difficult time narrowing down what we wanted to do because there are so many options and so many things that our family is interested in. We spent hours pouring over our Lonely Planet guidebook and studying the walking tour and day trip options on London Walks.

Ultimately, we made individual to-do lists, then compared them to see what common threads there were. Harry Potter obviously topped the list, and so did Stonehenge. Wimbledon was only tops on Carrick’s list, but he enticed us all with promises of strawberries and cream and the knowledge that we were helping him tick an item off his bucket list. So, with these things in mind, we set off on our day trips from London, and much to my surprise, getting a little bit out of London is easy as can be.

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London Day Trips with kids in England

Salisbury and Stonehenge

Day tours out of London - Salisbury Cathedral UK
Salisbury Cathedral UK

We started our day trip adventures on a tour of Salisbury and Stonehenge with London Walks. I can’t say enough good things about this company. These London Walks day trips are top-notch and is one of the best day trips out of London. You don’t need to make a reservation with them. Just meet them at the designated place at the scheduled time, and you’re good to go. The tour guides we’ve met have always been on time, easy to spot in a crowd, and very knowledgeable.

For this tour, we met at Waterloo Station, and we decided to arrive plenty early in order to find breakfast at the station. There were several quick options. You can choose to eat at the station or just pack some quick snacks for the train ride.

Our London Walks tour guide arrived right on time, and after paying him our fees, he purchased all of our train tickets, and he continued purchasing admission tickets for our group for the remainder of the day. This makes it faster and easier to get into the exhibits.

Making History Come to Life at Salisbury

Our first stop was Salisbury. We walked from the train station through this picturesque village and on to the cathedral where the Magna Carta is housed. Our guide told us about the history of the village and how that history related to the cathedral.

best London day tours to Salisbury Cathedral

Inside Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral - best day trips out of London

Once we reached the cathedral, our guide took us through the church and told us all sorts of fascinating tidbits. We learned about the world’s oldest working clock and about a knight from the crusades who was poisoned so another man could have his wealthy wife.

best day tours from London - Salisbury Cathedral UK
World’s oldest working clock? Could be…
London day trip tours to Salisbury UK
William Longespee – Crusader and longtime Salisbury resident

Our guide made the history come to life for the kids, too. Here is Cadence’s take on our day trip experiences:

Cadence: “My favorite day trip was Salisbury Cathedral. I liked Warner Bros. Studio a lot too, but Salisbury was the most interesting. We took a tour of the town and cathedral and saw the Magna Carta and the oldest working clock. We also learned about the knight William Longespee. William was a knight in the Crusade, and he did not come back, so the people tried to marry off his super rich wife. On the day before they got married, William came back, but then he died. When they looked at his body years later, they found a rat in his skull, but it still had fur. That means that he had arsenic poisoning in him. I think that all of London was a cool experience.”

When it was time to see the Magna Carta, our guide could not take us, as per the rules of the cathedral, so we were left on our own to view the document and find some lunch afterwards.

day trips around London to Salisbury Cathedral
One of the finest remaining copies of the Magna Carta – Salisbury Cathedral, UK

We chose to stay in the cathedral to eat at the cafe there. We didn’t want to venture too far back into the village because we had to meet our guide at the specified time to continue our day trip on to Stonehenge.

Stonehenge with kids = Awesome!

Stonehenge for kids - day trips from London
Stonehenge, UK. Apparently not built by aliens.

On our way to Stonehenge, we took a gorgeous scenic bus ride that showcased some of England’s most beautiful thatched roof cottages. We learned more about the area and these interesting homes along the way.

Interesting Stonehenge facts for kids

Upon our arrival at Stonehenge, our guide taught us so many things about the early Brittons who built these incredible structures.

best Stonehenge tour from London with London Walks

We learned that it wasn’t actually the Druids who built it, and that there were many phases of construction through the years. We also learned that there are many other henges throughout Great Britain. After showing us some of the specific features of Stonehenge, our guide turned us loose to explore on our own.

We had plenty of time to take pictures, appreciate the structure, and take a look at the visitors’ center. The visitors’ center has a cafe, restrooms, a gift shop, and a museum, so be sure to allow yourself some time there.

Here is what Andrew has to say about our Stonehenge experience:

Andrew: “Stonehenge was my favorite because I learned who supposedly built it and about the small hills near it (people think that it was an ancient burial site). It think that the most interesting part of Stonehenge was the fact that it is an ancient mystery to this day about the real builders and what it was used for and what is buried there. I wonder if anyone will figure it out?”

day trips from London to StonehengeOverall, it was a day well spent exploring, learning, and making memories with the kids. The tour was extremely well run, and our guide Richard was everything you’d want in a good tour guide – he was smart, funny, organized, friendly, and great with kids! And, we were back in London just in time to grab some dinner at the very first Hard Rock Cafe.

We think London Walks has the best Stonehenge tours from London, but day trips to Stonehenge are plentiful, so pick what works best for you and your family, and then go! You’ll have a great time regardless of the tour company. Click here for the latest prices and a full list of London to Stonehenge day trips.

Wimbledon, a Tennis Lover’s Dream Come True

After getting our feet wet on our guided tour, we felt prepared to dive right in and plan our own out-of-town adventure when we went to Wimbledon.

best London day trips - Wimbledon
Wimbledon Tennis Championship at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club

We happened to be visiting London when the tournament was being played, and visiting this legendary tennis championship was a bucket list item for Carrick, so I think I’ll let him fill you in on the details of how we managed this day trip from London on our own.

Carrick: As a tennis player and longtime fan, I couldn’t let a trip to England go by without visiting Wimbledon. We didn’t plan our trip this way at first, but when I realized that the tournament was being played during our visit, I knew I had to make it work.

Wimbledon is a lovely marriage of posh British tradition and gritty athletic competition. It’s arguably the most elite of the four major tennis tournaments, and I wouldn’t argue.

The grounds at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club are beautiful. I loved the mix of British (and world’s) elite, and regular folks like us just looking for a picnic on the hill and some good tennis.

Wimbledon absolutely lived up to my expectations. If you get the chance to visit, you’ll love the museum, the Hall of Fame where all of the past champions are featured, and the signature strawberries and cream. It was totally worth the short trip!

best day trips in England - WimbledonEven though the line to get into the tournament was incredibly long, the whole family enjoyed what was perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us. Also, the famous Wimbledon treat of strawberries and clotted cream sealed the deal. For a cool behind-the-scenes look at Wimbledon, click here to get the latest prices.

best day trips from London - strawberries and cream at Wimbledon
Enjoying Strawberries and Cream at Wimbledon

day trips outside London to Wimbledon

Related: Be sure to check out our guide to things to do in London with kids. It’s got 22 amazing things to see and how to get to each one! Cherio!

Other Great Day Trips from London with Kids

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Another great day trip from London for kids is the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. This one is so awesome that we gave it its own post.

Visiting the Best Harry Potter Sites in London

day tours around London - Warner Brothers Studio Tour London

Our London Day Trips Shortlist

As I mentioned before, narrowing down which day trip we wanted to take was a difficult choice, so here are some of the other options that were on our shortlist.


easy trips from London - Brighton UK
Brighton Pier at Dusk. PC: hozinja

This day trip from London would be a great one for kids because of its beaches and famous pier. The grand pavilion, shops, rides, museums, and other attractions are enough to keep the whole family entertained. Be sure to visit the world’s oldest operating aquarium, Sea Life Brighton. Find out more about this great city at For other great Brighton tours, click here.


one day tours from London - Bath England
Bath England

Bath has literary connections to Jane Austen, Chaucer, Mary Shelley, Charles Dickens and many more. That alone was enough to get me excited about this day trip, but the city is full of Roman history as well. Find out how to take some great literary walking tours in Bath in the book Literary Walks in Bath: Eleven Excursions in the Company of Eminent Authors. For other tours of Bath, click here.


top London day trips - Stratford-Upon-Avon
William Shakespeare’s birthplace – Stratford-Upon-Avon

This day trip was on my short list for its obvious literary value. The birthplace of Shakespeare is full of things to see and do, including Shakespeare’s home and performances at the Royal Shakespeare’s Theatre. You can get booking information, along with suggestions on activities for children on the Royal Shakespeare Company’s website. There is also a butterfly garden, a river cruise, and there are several opportunities for walking tours. Don’t miss out on Holy Trinity Church, Shakespeare’s final resting place. For other Stratford-upon-Avon tours, click here.

The White Cliffs of Dover

The White Cliffs of Dover
The White Cliffs of Dover

This gorgeous stretch of coastline is made of white chalk cliffs that will give young explorers plenty to think about and is one of the best family day trips from London. This geological marvel is full of fossils, and there is also a series of tunnels that were used during World War II, which the history lovers in your family will enjoy. And, for the literary types, Jane Austen often visited this area to spend time with her brother, and Shakespeare used the cliffs in King Lear. Visit to learn more. Other Dover tours can be found by clicking here.


London England day trips - Canterbury, UK
Canterbury, UK PC: Tomasz Dunn

As with most of these day trips, Canterbury was on my short list for its literary appeal. Here is a blurb about this trip you could take with London Walks:

Like Chaucer’s pilgrims to Caunterbury we wende. And what tales Canterbury has to tell. Tales writ in the ancient cathedral towering moodily over the nearby pubs and shops. Tales gleaned from half-timbered, white-washed little houses lining narrow streets. Tales borne by the river Stour swabbling past brilliant flowerbeds and under arching stone bridges. In Canterbury we enter another world… we step into mediaeval history.

And look, the getting there itself – faster than a speeding bullet! – couldn’t be more special. We take the Javelin High Speed Train, the only super high speed train line in the country. It’s whoosh! and we’re there.

Many other great day trips from London to Canterbury can be found here.


day trips from London for families - Oxford UniversityDo you like Harry Potter? If so, then a visit to Oxford should definitely be on your list. Many scenes from the movies were filmed on location at Christ Church, the largest of Oxford’s colleges and the one well known for its grand quad.

best day trips from London with kids - Oxford University
Look familiar?

In addition to Harry Potter, perhaps the strongest literary connection to Oxford that children will appreciate is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The real Alice was the daughter of an Oxford dean, and both the girl and the town inspired Lewis Carroll’s work. Here is a great article about discovering Alice’s Oxford. It’s enough to make me want to plan another trip to London ASAP just to visit this amazing place.

For young adult readers and fans, Oxford has ties with both C. S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Lewis or course is responsible for penning The Chronicles of Narnia and Tolkien is most famous for writing The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. In fact, Oxford is where Tolkien literally created languages such as Elvish used in his book settings. excursions from London - Oxford

We toured Oxford along with a trip to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London, and these two short day trips from London combined to make a really fun tour for that we all enjoyed.

Click here for more great Oxford tour options.

More Great London Day Trip Options

Additionally, these are also excellent options, depending on your interests and schedule.


England day trips to Cambridge, UK
Cambridge, UK

– Explore a university town with a tranquil setting. Architecture, scenery and museums abound.


best day trips outside London - Bristol, UK
Bristol, UK PC: Diliff

– Historic sites, ships to explore, and the Clifton suspension bridge are just some of the interesting things that will keep families entertained for the day. An added bonus is that Bristol is the home to the street artist, Bansky, so you never know what fun things you might see.

St. Albans

best day trips from London England - St. Albans Cathedral
St. Albans Cathedral PC: MykReeve

-Referred to as England’s best kept secret, this picturesque town is a mere 20 minutes from London, and it is offered through London Walks.

The Cotswolds

Cotswolds PC:Kumweni

– Another great one from London Walks:

The achingly beautiful Cotswolds, the fresh green lap of this fair isle. The Cotswolds of  thatched roofs and honey-coloured stone. The Cotswolds of cottages wreathed in wisteria and honeysuckle. The Cotswolds of stone bridges and old mills and millponds. The Cotswolds of storybook villages and matchless flower gardens. The Cotswolds of… well, of rural England at its best.

Windsor Castle and Maidenhead

day trips outside of London - Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

– Boat rides, ascot carriages, a Spitfire simulator at the Maidenhead Heritage Center, Ride the Ducks, Legoland, LaplandUK (during Christmas), plus, the Queen’s home!? Yes, please.

Leeds Castle

day trips in London for families - Leeds Castle
Leeds Castle PC: Rolim

– A maze, children’s playgrounds, and falconry displays would be enough to keep kids of all ages entertained for the day, but the history and the castle would be top priorities for our family at this awesome destination in Kent.


day trip to York from London
York, UK PC: Tim Green

– The history of York lies in its chocolate, and I don’t know about you, but that’s enough to make me want to visit this city. But, for those of you whose interests go beyond chocolate, there are museums, gardens, stately homes, and other unique points of interest that are available through an assortment of walks and tours.


out of London day trips - Liverpool, UK
Liverpool, UK PC

– For all you Beatles fans, Liverpool is a must see. A little further away than some other locations, but still worth it. There is a Beatles Museum and plenty of unique architecture in this city.

London Day Trips in Wales


London day trips for kids - Cardiff Wales
Cardiff Wales

– The capital of Wales, Cardiff has plenty to offer its visitors, including a popular Natural History Museum, and Cardiff Castle. Oh, and Dr. Who.

London Day Trips in Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle - day trips out of London by train
The view from Edinburgh Castle on a drizzly afternoon.

London to Edinburgh is on the long end of a suitable day trip (it’s about a 5-hour train ride from London’s King’s Cross Station to Edinburgh’s Waverly Station) but doable. We recently spent some time in Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands and fell in love. While you won’t have time to rent a car and get out into the Highlands, you will have time to explore the Scottish capital for an afternoon, and we highly recommend it!

Harry Potter fans will want to book an HP-themed walking tour of the city with Potter Trail Walking Tours for sure. Other things to do in Edinburgh in an afternoon are touring Edinburgh Castle, visiting some of Edinburgh’s outstanding museums, or taking a hike up to Arthur’s Seat for the best views of the city.

Read more about visiting Edinburgh with kids here.

London Day Trips outside of the UK


One final day trip that you may want to consider is Paris. If you’re travelling via the Eurostar, Paris is just a short ride, and it opens up a whole host of things to do on a day trip. Be sure to check out this page for tips on travelling with Eurostar. It’s the most exhaustive resource out there. Our ride on the Eurostar was awesome!

Paris - best day trips out of London by train
Bastille Day in Paris

We spent four days exploring Paris with kids and we loved our time there. If you can visit during Bastille Day, it’s particularly awesome getting to see the Eiffel Tower illuminated by one of the most spectacular fireworks displays we’ve ever seen.

Other helpful tips for a great day trip from London

So, there you have it! London has an amazing array of day trips, and getting out of the city is quick and easy. Be sure to check out transit directions from Google maps or our favorite Rome2Rio. They will give you timetables and prices all in one place. It couldn’t be easier, which is perfect for families on the move!

Day tours from London on the Eurostar
Enjoying the train rides through the countryside

Helpful Resources for Planning a Great London Day Trip

We can’t say enough about this company. Wonderful guides. Wonderful walks. Super-fun for the entire family and kids go free.

Lonely Planet day trips from London
2019 Ed.

London Guidebook

We used Lonely Planet guidebooks to plan much of our trip in and around London and we love them. They have great guides and haven’t led us astray. We love the ‘Discover’ series and have found them to be very helpful and easy to use.

Although we used an earlier edition, this new 2019 edition includes the same essential information along with full color maps (great for getting around on the Tube) and tips.

Plan your day trips from London for kids with this Great Britain Guidebook
2019 Ed.

Great Britain Guidebook

For a guidebook that encompasses more than just London, check out this other title that we’ve used – Lonely Planet’s Great Britain – which covers all of the places in this guide as well as coverage of Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands (which are fantastic!). If you’re planning on covering more than just England on your vacation to the UK, then this is a good guide to help you out.

Has your family been to the UK? What were your favorite places to visit from London?

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