Guam National Parks

Guam's natural beauty along with its importance during the WWII Pacific Theater make this a compelling place to visit. Come #FindYourPark in Guam.

Guam National Parks


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1 National Park in Guam

War in the Pacific National Historical Park

War in the Pacific National Historical Park commemorates the historic events that occurred during World War II in the Pacific theater. The Park serves as a poignant reminder of the global conflict's impact on the Pacific region. Guam was a crucial location for the U.S. military in the Pacific, and it was occupied by Japanese forces for over two and a half years before being liberated by American forces in 1944. 

The park features a number of historic sites, including the Asan Bay Overlook, which offers panoramic views of the bay where American forces landed in 1944, and the Fonte Plateau, a preserved battlefield area with bunkers and artillery placements. The Park's visitor center provides valuable insights into the events of World War II in the Pacific, with exhibits, artifacts, and interpretive displays that highlight the experiences of those who lived through the conflict. 

Guided tours and interpretive programs are also available that shed light on the battles, strategies, and individual stories of those who served during the war. The nearby T. Stell Newman Visitor Center in Santa Rita, Guam, offers additional resources and a deeper understanding of the island's role in the Pacific campaign. Visitors can pay their respects at several memorials and cemeteries within the park, including the Asan Beach Unit, where the brave efforts of American and Allied forces are commemorated. War in the Pacific National Historical Park stands as a poignant and educational site, honoring the memory of those who fought and lived through the turbulent times of World War II in the Pacific.

The War in the Pacific National Historical Park was designated on August 18, 1978.