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While the rapids only get to Class-III (for mortals like you and me), the adventure gets up to VI at Riversport OKC! This world-class rafting and kayaking facility is the signature attraction in Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District and gives guests the chance to experience real whitewater right near downtown and the Oklahoma River.

Riversport Adventure Parks, along with the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation and other partners, have teamed up to bring this incredible urban adventure to Oklahoma City, and we can say that it’s a must-do for any family visiting OKC. Not only is Riversport the place in OKC for a wild ride, it’s also an official US Olympic & Paralympic Training Site for kayaking, flatwater, rowing, and canoe. They’ve done an incredible job with this facility, and we love it!

Rafting at Riversport OKC
We approve this awesome activity!

In addition to the amazing rafting, they have a zip line, slides, gravity ropes, and so much more to explore. After having spent the past few summers paddling and climbing around, here’s our complete guide on having maximum fun during your visit to Riversport OKC.

The AftT guide to rocking your day at Riversport OKC

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Before you arrive at Riversport Adventures

Book your rafting adventure

Riding the whitewater at Riversport OKC AdventuresHead over to riversportokc.org and get your trip booked. Trips leave throughout the day, so there will be various times available. Choose from several different day passes for as little or as much adventure as you can handle.

Available passes at Riversport OKC

Adventure Pass

This is the base pass and does not include a rafting trip. It does include the SandRidge Sky Trail, Sky Slides, Rumble Drop, Extreme Air Jumper, RIVERSPORT Bike Park, Sky Tykes, Kids Zip, Cloud Bounce, Adventure Climb, and Climbing Wall. The Sky Zip is an additional charge.The Sand Ridge Sky Trail at Riversport OKC


For adventures on the water in addition to land, the RIVERSPORT Pass is for you. You get all the fun of the Adventure Pass plus RIVERSPORT Rapids whitewater rafting, tubing and river boarding, plus flatwater adventures in the Boathouse District.

Epic Pass

Sky Zip at Riversport OKC Boathouse District
Flying high across the Oklahoma River.

For a full day of non-stop fun, the Epic Pass is what you need. It includes everything above and adds Concierge Service, VIP Locker Access , 2 Daily Raft Trips, Express line at the Sky Zip, 20% discount at Big Water Grill & the Outfitters Shop (limitations may apply), and free Fitness!Ninja Warrior at Riversport OKC

For ala carte options or season passes, Riversport has a pass for you. Check out all the options here.

Tip: If you're only doing one rafting trip, you may want to book an afternoon time and spend the morning exploring the SandRidge Sky Trail, Sky Slides, Rumble Drop, etc., first. When you're done, you'll be ready to beat the afternoon heat on the river.

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

When you arrive at Riversport OKC

Fill out your waivers

After you park, head inside and find the tablets along the wall where you will fill out your waivers. Everyone will need one. If you have the kids with you, one adult can add the kids to their waiver while the other parent fills out their own. Once you’re done will all the legal stuff, hop in line to get your passes.

Grab your wristbands and locker key(s)

Once you’ve decided on a pass, you may want a locker for the day, which is handy and keeps you from having to go out to the parking lot to get your stuff. There are larger lockers available in the restrooms or smaller ones along the wall in the lobby.

If you have an afternoon rafting time and don’t want to wear a swimsuit all day, a locker is a good option, and you can change in the locker room before your rafting time.

Go have some fun!

Sky Ridge Trail at Riversport OKCIf you have a morning or early afternoon rafting time, you’ll want to get changed and ready to go. Once you’re ready, you’ll be instructed to meet out by the raft house for some instructions. This is where you’ll get divided up into raft groups, fitted for your PFD (Personal Flotation Device) and helmet, and set off with your guide.

If your rafting time isn’t until later, head over to the slides and other activities. If you have tickets for the zip line, you may want to do that first since the lines can get a bit long, and they can only send one at a time.Spiral slides at Riversport OKC

Tip: If you have paid for a zip line pass, you will need to get a ticket from the registration desk to take with you over to the line. An attendant will ask to see it before you get harnessed up.

Otherwise, spend some time on the SandRidge Sky Trail, or take a leap of faith off the Rumble Drop. At over 80 ft. tall, it’s the tallest adventure course of its kind in the world.Balancing along the Sky Ridge Trail at Riversport OKC

Our kids love zipping down the slides which are some of the tallest anywhere. After you work up a sweat, cool off at the splash pad or with a cup of Dippin’ Dots® (our fave!).

The Rumble Drop at Riversport OKC
Got what it takes to walk off this 80 ft. ledge?

What to expect on your rafting adventure with Riversport

Safety is a priority

Before every trip, experienced guides explain how to have a safe trip. This includes how to properly use your gear, what to expect on the water, and what to do if you or a raft mate falls out of the boat. For parents, this is obviously super-important, and the staff does a very good job of demonstrating and making everyone comfortable.

Confession: I totally fell out of the raft, and it was fine. We hit a bump, and I just lost my balance. It happens, but I knew what to do, and my guide got me back in the boat. It most likely won't happen on your trip, but if it does, don't worry! Mom didn't think it was funny, but the kids had a good laugh.

It’s really fun!

If you have some apprehension about your trip, that’s OK. Our kids were 11 and 13 the first time we did it, and they did great. In fact, we went to Durango, CO, not long after to raft the Animas River, and our guide there was impressed with how we worked together thanks to the training we received at Riversport OKC. Have fun with it! Embrace the adventure, and trust your guide. They’re excellent and professional.

Spending the day in the OKC Boathouse District at Riversport OKC
Can you handle all the fun?

There are two courses and you’ll get three runs total

Your guide will explain the difference between the two courses, and on the third go-around, you’ll get to pick which you would like to finish with. They are both fun with slightly different features to keep things interesting.

Class III+ is about as high as they go (for average guests)

Although this is an Olympic Training Center where they can really crank up the water and obstacles, Class-III rapids are generally what you’ll be dealing with. There are also some nice calm areas to regroup before you go again. Read more about the different classes of rapids here.  In short, there is enough whitewater to be really fun without too much danger involved. Just right.

You will get wet!

Rapids at Riversport OKC
The wetness is real.

This may be obvious, but I want to be clear: you will get wet.

Probably soaked.

Your hairdo will not survive, so just go with it. If your guide decides to do a little river surfing (totally fun BTW), you’ll get lots of water coming up and into the raft – perfect for beating the heat in summer.

Essential information for a visit to Riversport OKC

Sandridge Sky Trail at Riversport OKC
You ready to play?

What to wear to Riversport OKC

Important! You may wear water shoes, sandals, or open-toed shoes, but they must have a heel strap and stay securely fastened. No flip flops allowed. Swim suits are perfect for rafting or kayaking adventures, but you will need to change into shorts and a shirt for the land adventures. Some of these require a harness, and it’s best to have some proper clothing for that.

Items that you should leave in the car or a locker

If you don’t want to lose it, don’t take it. Phones, car keys, glasses, sunglasses, hats – all of it should probably stay. Take your jewelry and valuables off also.

Parking at Riversport OKC

Parking is $5. You’ll need to display your ticket on your dash, but you can come and go as you please. During our most recent visit, we left to pop over to downtown for some lunch and then came back.

There is plenty of food and snacks available

Even though we left for lunch, you could stay all day and enjoy food and snacks at the Big Water Grill, which has a good selection of salads, burgers, fish tacos, and more. For us, it was Icees® all the way.

Weather may affect your day

It’s possible that even though the weather is clear, high winds can affect the Sky Trail and Zip Line. Be aware of the conditions before your visit and plan accordingly.

OKC’s #BoathouseDistrict is just the beginning

While the whitewater rafting may be the rockstar, Riversport Adventures also has water sports and activities at Lake Overholser and at Lake Hefner. Check them out for even more fun on the water.

Log on to get photos after your trip

Once you get home, head over to Riversportokc.org/photos to see photos from your trip. Their photographers do a great job of capturing the fun, and you can download all the photos digitally for an affordable price or pick and choose the ones you want. I’ve put a few our ours in this post.

OKC is the place to be!

OKC skyline from Riversport OKCOklahoma City has developed Riversport OKC into a cornerstone attraction for visitors and locals alike, and it’s something that we could do over and over again. We hope our guide gives you all the info you need to book a great day in OKC. Have fun!

Have you been to Riversport OKC yet?

Be sure to check out our destination guide to Oklahoma here.

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Riversport OKC - Class-VI family fun right in downtown!

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    2 replies to "Riversport OKC – Class-VI family fun right in downtown!"

    • Bo Klune

      Dangerous. Injured. Family almost drowned. Staff did not help.

      Dangerous. Guide could not control the raft. We flipped and were severely injured.
      If you’ve had a similar experience, please write a reply.

      OKC KFOR news is reporting on the dangers of Riversport

      • Carrick

        Bo, thanks for commenting.

        It’s unfortunate that you had such a bad experience. We’ve been twice, and I did come out of the raft once, but because of the training they gave us, I was able to get back in safely. Our guides have always been top-notch, and I would argue that this experience is safer than rafting out ‘in the wild’ which we have done several times as well.

        As with all adventure sports, it’s necessary to weigh the risks involved and decide whether it’s right for you and your family or not. I’m glad that everything turned out OK for you.

        Safe travels,


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